Concrete poetry

            I had the opportunity to meet a group of insightful and talented women in a Concrete poetry workshop hosted by bbdb_studio. We talked at length about what freedom means to us and all the forms it takes in our lives as women.

All the funds from the sale of this book go to womenforfreedom, an NGO dedication to support and emancipation of women worldwide.

field    Concrete Poetry

team    Khyati Trehan, BBDB Studio

These pieces are rooted in my personal experience of moving from India to Germany and a very palpable freedom that I gained from this shift in culture. Of the many shifts, the one I talk about here is the disproportionate access to a large span of time and public spaces that come alive at night. There has always been a strong correlation between night and day, and inside and outside. When it’s night, we stay inside. Day allows us to go outside. This correlation is a lot starker for women due to our vulnerability to sexual violence. As a result, we don’t have the same access to 12 hours in a day. I only have access to the world before dark.