KHYATI TREHAN is an Indian graphic designer & 3D visual artist based in New York.
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KHYATI TREHAN is an Indian graphic designer & 3D visual artist based in New Delhi.

Editorial Illustrations

            A collection of Editorial illustrations done for the NYTimes, the New Yorker, and IDEO's blog, the Octopus.

field    Illustration

client   New York Times, New Yorker Magazine, IDEO

‘Persuading the body to regenerate its limbs’ illustrates an essay by Matthew Hutson in the New Yorker Magazine on the biologist Michael Levin's theory that cells use bioelectricity to decide what to become.

'The secret life of a Coronavirus' is an essay by Carl Zimmer adapted from his book ‘Life’s Edge’. The full page illustration is featured on the cover of the NYTimes Sunday Review along with a supporting visual. The breathing animation of the key visuals echos a big question in the essay and asks: Are viruses Alive?

 'There is more to us than just our brains' reviews the book 'The Extended Mind' by Annie Murphy Paul and digs into the power of thinking outside the brain. The illustration lives in the NYTimes Book review section and visualises our ability to hear the signals that our bodies are communicating to us every bit as much as our brains are. Art direction: Matt Dorfman, New York Times

In this blog post, Nicki shares how he whipped up a fancy ass sous vide machine at home to cook the perfect dindin for his friends and what it taught him about prototyping!

By Nicki Schafer

The circular economy needs to shift gears if we are to drive a more equitable and regenerative society. Chris and Vanessa believe that the key is nurturing the mindset that can see this through. 

By Chris Grantham and Vanessa Egli

In ‘Lead as We, not Me’ , Axel shares starting points and principles for organizations to flip the switch from “Me” to “We”, embracing the idea of complementary senior leadership teams.

By Axel Unger