Editorial Illustrations

            A collection of illustrations I made for articles authored by IDEO colleagues, published across their blog Octopus, The Journal, and LinkedIn.

field    Illustration

client    IDEO

Prototyping Dinner.

In this blog post, Nicki shares how he whipped up a fancy ass sous vide machine at home to cook the perfect dindin for his friends and what it taught him about prototyping!

By Nicki Schafer

CE 1.0 to CE 1.20

The circular economy needs to shift gears if we are to drive a more equitable and regenerative society. Chris and Vanessa believe that the key is nurturing the mindset that can see this through.

By Chris Grantham and Vanessa Egli

Lead as We, not Me

In this LinkedIn post, Axel shares starting points and principles for organizations to flip the switch from “Me” to “We”, embracing the idea of complementary senior leadership teams.

By Axel Unger