KHYATI TREHAN is an Indian graphic designer & 3D visual artist based in New York.
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KHYATI TREHAN is an Indian graphic designer & 3D visual artist based in New Delhi.

Kinetic Orchestra

        My latest collaboration with Instagram for Business and O2 Music Germany began with a brief of visualizing three simple words: Harmony Breaks Silence. 
        What is the place of music in inclusive conversations? Diversity comes in many forms and refers to the traits that make us all unique. The kinetic sculpture is inspired by the power of music to dissolve barriers and give other cultures a stage, spotlight and a mic. Every element visualizes a tenet of allyship, illustrating the aspiration of a diverse world thriving together and working in harmony. In the same vein, unique elements, each its own piece of art, work fluidly with each other as one singular instrument. Each moving part contributes a sound, much like individual instruments in a bustling orchestra. One elements needs the other to function.

field    3D Animation + Augmented Reality

client    Instagram + O2 Music Germany

team  Sound Design: Kavya Trehan

Each looping element on the kinetic sculpture also serves as GIF stickers to engage the wider O2 Music community and support conversations about what it means to be an ally, the impact language can have on inclusive culture, digging deep to address our own biases, and turning the spotlight we are given away from ourselves and towards the voices of those who are continuously marginalized, silenced, and ignored.

The AR filter allows people to place and listen to the Kinetic Orchetra in their immediate surroundings.