Snap inc. Spectacles

JULY 2020
            In my latest collaboration with Spectacles by Snapchat, I was commissioned to conceptualize and build custom AR Lens. Spectacles 3 are smartglasses inspired by the human eye. They allow wearers to capture handsfree videos and images in first person perspective. The two cameras of the spectacles interpolate depth metadata and create 3d Videos which make for perfect canvases for augmented reality.

field    Augmented Reality + 3D animation + Interaction

client  Spectacles: Snap Inc. 

team  Creative Direction & Production: Khyati Trehan
Sound Design: Kavya Trehan

Lens Studio by snapchat is a powerful application designed for artists and developers to build augmented reality experiences. Pieces for each project were modeled and animated in Cinema4d, and shaded and composited in Lens stuio.


Part cages, parts elixir containers, these vivid and magical artefacts belong to the set of a fairytale or another planet somewhere far away. 
The AR experience invites you to witness them showering down on us through a portal in the sky, making a delightful earthly debut.

Bend twist knot I

Built in the spirit of play, what were once plain old lonely sticks with little character, have now been bent and twisted and knotted together, for no reason at all. The metallic shader reflects the environment and makes the 3D objects in the lense feel even more embedded in reality.
The AR experience amplifies the magic that augmented reality already is, and invites you to discover sculptural inanimate objects floating all around you.

Bend twist knot II

An iteration of Bend Knot Twist I, the AR experience invites you to walk through and discover colorful and sculptural inanimate objects that look like they were subject to very animate hands.
All whipped up in Lens Studio, my immersive AR lenses for Spectacles are up for everyone to play with.